«Lunch Memorial Day» 【Aperitifs & Festive Cake Stand】 Chef's Special Course 2500 yen

«Lunch Memorial Day» 【Aperitifs & Festive Cake Stand】 Chef's Special Course 2500 yen

2500 Yen

Anniversary course with a 2 stage cake stand with a toast of sparkling wine, a celebration message.Soup of fresh vegetables, cold appetizer, steak of beef, dessert and meal are enriched.Please spend a wonderful lunch with loved one and your friends.



· Toasting sparkling wine

If you are not good at alcohol ※ Non-alcoholic cocktail will be prepared.

【One dish featuring the season from the chef】

~ Homemade putty and vegetable canapés ~

[Cold appetizer]

~ Marinated mandarin from Ehime prefecture and vegetables salad tailoring concentrated balsamico sauce ~

Ehime direct delivery orange

Ri and salad with balsamic vinegar refreshingly.


~ Soup of seasonal vegetables ~

Puree soup with a sense of eating that makes use of the sweetness of Okayama mushrooms


Freshly baked bagu


~ Saute of Scallops from Hokkaido and Bisque of Vinegared Rice Americain ~

Thick scallops with rugged vegetables and biscuits filled with crustacean taste


~ Beef loose meat guryee truffle and Porto sauce ~

Simply grill the beef and enjoy the meat with a rich fragrance of truffle.

【Cake stand with celebration message】

We prepare "message" and dessert platter in two stage cake stand.


Today's dessert

【Cafe after meal】

We will prepare your favorite cafe.

※ 2 people / Please tell us the content of the message / Please let us know if you have allergies at the time of reservation.